It's A Lazy Sunday Morning In Paradise 09/02/2007, And Where Is The Sheriff??

Rob ChesnutRob Chesnut, The Sheriff Of eBay's Trust And Safety Department Is Rumored To Be On Sabbatical Since June!

Ole Professor Griff, eBay's Dean Of Education, Accidentally Spilled The Beans That Rob Was Out As Head Of Trust And Safety During One Of His Radio Shows! Then The Manipulation Machine Went Into High Gear Spinning Things Around!

Ina Steiner Wrote In Her Blog 08/26/2007 "Rob Chesnut No Longer Heads eBay T&S?" Then Again On 08/29/2007 "eBay Exec Sabbatical Speculation".

I Had To Chuckle At One Of The Blog's Comments, "In my past life as an IT consultant, sabbaticals were not unknown.  It was the company's way of helping top execs make crucial career decisions:  are you ready to do things our way, or do you really want to do it your way somewhere else?

Most of the execs who took sabbatical would return and either became good little cogs in the operation of 'the greater good', or they spent a few weeks or months wrapping up loose ends and completing projects before announcing they were off to seek new adventures... or to just go contemplate their navels and watch the world get along without them.

Only time will tell... but... remember that old saw... ''better the devil you know than the devil you don't''.

Sweeping Dirt Under The RugReminds Me Of The Movie "The Untouchables" When Elliot Ness Was Zeroing In On Capone's Book Keeper, Al Capone Sent The Book Keeper Out Of Town, Or At Least Tried To!

This Sabbatical Makes Me Wonder If eBay Is Concerned The Sheriff Might Be Called To Testify On What He Really Knows?? Confidentiality Agreements Are One Thing, But An Invest Is Another!

Meanwhile In Barneys Absence, The Scammers Are Still Hooking Suckers! Fake Second Chance Offers Are Still Being Sent To Under Bidders, And To The Bidders Email Address Stored On eBay's Servers!

Updated 10/26/2007, Auction Bytes Reports Rob Chesnut Has Stepped Down As The Head Of eBay's Trust And Safety Dept. It Is Interesting That eBay Has Been So Quiet In Rob's Absence.

Meanwhile The Guardian Reports Vladuz Has Been Listening In On eBay Corporate Phone Calls, I Wonder If He Has Any Good Recordings Explaining Why Rob Quit eBay??

eBay XSS Flash Redirect Scams

eBay XSS Flash Redirect Scams 1

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eBay XSS Flash Redirect Scams Hijacked Account FEE Refund Woes

Java Script Is Still Being Used To Disable Links In Listings, Like The Below Example, None Of The Links (Feedback, Place Bid, Other Items, Etc) Worked, Only The Scammers Contact Me Link Was Available!

But Never Fear, Catherine England, An eBay Spokesperson Recently Said, "By the time something gets up there, we're usually so quick to get it and pull it down that it is really a moot point. We feel that it is not a huge concern or issue - it is miniscule." 

So There Ya Have It.. Uh Huh.. :)

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eBay XSS Flash Redirect Scams Hijacked Account 1

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