It's 09/25/2007 And Vladuz Is Back Hacking eBay!

It Started On eBay's Trust And Safety Board With The Below Messages Being Posted! Note Each Message Was Posted With The Members eBay ID, And Contained All Their eBay Registration Info And Credit Card Number, Expiration Date, AND CCV Number!

These Posts Contain The Signature Of A Notorious eBay Hacker Called Vladuz! His Signature Was Inserted Into Each Post As "SGI Inc. - emocnI gnitareneG rof snoituloS" Spelled Backwards Is "Solutions For Generating Income".

It Is Said To Be Around 1200 Accounts That Were Listed! Here Is A Partial List Of eBay ID's!

Here Is Cappnonymous's Video About The Hack That Was Pulled From YouTube! Along With Comments From Vladuz!

eBay Is Obviously Not Safe To Trade On!

Updated 09/28/2007, Vladuz Hacks [email protected] ME Page!

Updated 09/26/2007, I Found This Posting On An Board.

eBay Is Such A BAD LIAR! If It Was A Server Glitch As They Are Telling The Power Sellers, How Did Vladuz's Signature Get Inserted Into Each Message??

Great Security You Have eBay!!!

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