Scammers Are Hitting eBay.UK Hard In What Appears To Be An All Out Assault!

The Boards Over There Are Humming With Talk Of The Assault And Hackers Are Adding Their BUY NOW Price And A Google E-Mail Address To Hundreds Of Listings!

Here Is A Link To That Board Thread, It Is Up To 18 Pages So Far! If It Gets Pulled, Do A Google Cache Search For It!

I Will Update This Story As More Information Is Received!

Updated 02/18/07: Wow 2 Hours After Publishing This Article, eBay Pulled The Thread On Their Discussion Board About The Hack, And It's Too Soon To Google A Cache Of It! That's eBay Security For Ya.. Keeping You Safe By Sweeping The Dirt Under The Rug!

I'm Wondering If The eBay Hacking Software Writer Vladuz Is Behind This Assault?? Check Out This Article I Wrote About The Hack Of eBay Germany..

Updated 02/19/07:


Updated 02/20/2007: The Register has published an article about this situation. You can read it here

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