Wholly Scammers Batman.. Look At Em All!!

It's Sunday Afternoon, 05/20/2007, And The Scammers Are Busy Listing Their Scams As Usual, Taking Advantage Of eBay's Lack Of Staff On The Weekends!

Rob ChesnutOn April 9'th 2007, Rob Chesnut Announced His Proactive Fraud Reduction Program, Which Was Supposed To Rid The Site Of These Scams!Pinochio Lying

But From What I Have Seen, There Has Been No Reduction At All, If Anything There Are More Scams On eBay Motors!

Either eBay's System Engineers Are Completely Incompetent And Are Unable To Keep Ahead Of These Scammers, Or Rob Is Lying And Their Is No Program, But Instead A Glitch That Delays Some Listings For Hours Before They Become Visible In Search!

Note: The Ones Below Have Not Been Delayed, And Became Visible Within A Few Minutes!

Sweeping Dirt Under The RugI Believe eBay Is Profiting From These Scammers And Is Just Talking More Of Their BS, While Pumping Everyone Full Of "How Wonderful And Safe eBay Is!" One Thing Is For Sure, eBay Is Infested With Scammers!

I Screen Captured As Many Of These Scams As Possible Between Work And Other Obligations, You Can View/Download Them Here!

Note Images Will Resize In Your Browser Once Opened, Using IE6 Left Click On The Lower Right To Expand, Mozilla Firefox Left Click Anywhere To Expand Image. Right Click To save To Your Local Machine.

446 eBay Car Scam Listings

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