Here Is A Tricked Out Toyota Supra Scam That Has Been Running 29 Hours Now!

The Scams On eBay Motors Do Not Appear To Be Decreasing Despite Rob Chesnuts "Proactive Fraud Reduction Program!"

eBay Relies On Its Volunteer Group Of Fraud Fighters To Report Listings Like This, But Many Are So Disgusted With eBay's Upper Management That They Are No Longer Reporting These Scam Listings!

It Is Just More Of The Same Old eBay Bullshit! Just Like The Cars VIN (ID Number) Below Is Invalid! A Properly Programmed Server Would Reject The 17, 1's You Will See Below!

I Could Wright Several Pages Daily With All The Scams I See, Using Just eBay's Default Search Without Being Signed In, But.. Some Things Just Never Change! However I Do Try And Grab A Few Screen Shots Daily, You Can Access Them In This Folder!

Scamming On eBay Is So Easy, A Cave Man Can Do It!

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