It's Saturday Afternoon, 03/24/07, And The Scammers Are Listing Like Crazy!

I Really Do Look For Positive Improvements To eBay, And Are Happy To Report It Appears They Now Have A Weekend Staff On Duty To Axe These Scams, And Are Actually Getting Pretty Good At Removing Them Quickly! And Didn't Find Any Whores Today Either!

And I See They Have Put A Statement Of Marketplace Safety Tips On The Page Footers, Though It Is Not As Eye Catching As The Old One, It Is An Improvement Over Nothing At All!!

But Here Is Something Interesting, I Came Across This Obvious Hijacked Account, Where The Scammer Had Overlaid A Clear Image File Over The Listing, And Linked It To An Email Address So Clicking Anywhere On The Listing Brought Up Your Email Program!

I Then Did A Basic Sellers Search To See How Many Items This Seller Had Up For Sale, And Nothing Came Up, That Was Strange, Because I knew He Had This 1929 Cord Up, I Repeated The Search But This Time Selected To Show 30 Days Of Closed Items Plus Current Items, And 57 Listings Came Up! Hmmmmm.. I Wonder What's Up With That?? I Read A Thread On The Yahoo Finance Board Where They Were Discussing Disappearing Items!

I Am Now Wondering If This Was What They Were Discussing?? Obviously There Were 57 Scam Cars Currently Running, And They Made It Through The Search Delay And Were Visible In The Category, But Not Under A Basic Seller Search!

These Listings Have Since Been Taken Down, And I Somehow Missed The Capture Of The 57 Listings When I Uploaded These From Work, I Will Add The Missing Capture Monday Sometime!    

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