03/24/2007, These Are New eBay Motors Seller Scams!

Both Of These New Sellers Were Registered Today! eBay Could Care Less WHO Sells Big Ticket Items, Like Motor Vehicles In eBay Motors! My Guess Is Both Of These eBay Accounts Were Set Up With Someone's Stolen Identity!!

Sellers Of Motor Vehicles Should At Least Be ID Verified, And Limits Set On How Many Vehicles A Seller Can List Before Being Required To Be A Licensed Dealer!

Besides The Scammers, There Are Way To Many CurbStoners Peddling Open Titled Vehicles On eBay Motors! After Say 3 Vehicles Are Listed Within A 12 Month Period, A Seller Should Have To Register As A Licensed Dealer, And Provide Proof That They Do Hold A Valid Dealers License! (This Is How Autotrader.com Does It, And They Are The Number 1 Trusted Automotive Site On The Net!) This Would Stop The CurbStoners, And The Scammers Would Not Be Able To Either Hijack An Account And List Hundreds Of Vehicles, Or Set Up New Account's Like The Below Examples!

Even Though eBay Motors Reputation Stinks Worse Than A Brothel At Low Tide, It Is Possible With Some Better Regulation By eBay It Might Possibly Be Turned Around Into A Safe Secure Trading Venue, But I'm Not Holding My Breath Waiting On eBay To Do Anything To Improve It's Reputation!    

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