It's 03/05/2007 And eBay Is Under Hacker/Scammer Attack Again!

In The Medved Charts Below You Can See How Long This Has Been Going On. 

Note The Number In MILLIONS Of Auctions That Are Indexed And Then Removed!

Note The Weekends, Indicated By The Gray Shaded Area. Also Note They Are Not Removed During This Time! eBay Must Not Have The Staff On Duty To Pull Them During This Time!

This Is Today's Chart Showing The Spikes With Listings Being Indexed And Removed, Only To Be Added Again! Note The Count Is In MILLIONS! Averaging 15,000,000 Listings Being Added And Removed Every Few Hours! You Can Access The Medved Site Here.

I Suspect *IF* eBay Could Stop This Assault, They Would Have Done So By Now! It Is Costing eBay And Those Sellers That Are Having Their Auctions Hacked Mega Bucks!!

In The Screen Shots Below, I Watched As These Listings Increased Every Time I Refreshed My Browser! Shown In Reverse Order. The Scammers Are Hacking Just About Every Category From Vehicles To I-pods! I Noticed USA And UK Listings Vandalized, But There May Have Been More Countries Involved!

This Is Without A Doubt An Economic Terrorism Attack On eBay!

Updated 03/06/2007: The Assault Continues Click Here For Today's Report

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