It's Wednesday Morning, And The Scam's Continue To Be Listed!

I Would Like To Know How They Are Doing It.. NARU Sellers.. Hehehehehe..

Someone Posted The Below Message On My Discussion Board This Morning, And I Am Inclined To Agree With The Poster. It Appears This Is More Like A Show Put On To Prove eBay *DOES* Have A Serious Security Issue!!

There can be little doubt that Vladuz is behind the latest wave of fraudulent BIN offers inserted into hundreds of listings. The eMail-addresses originally used contained his trademark "SGI - Solutions for Generating Income" LINK HERE, and other listings were simply signed with his handle spelled in reverse, i. e., "zudalv".

Whilst he may not be a candidate for the Nobel Prize, I'm sure that he could have come up with far less easy-to-find and far more effective attempts to defraud potential buyers and that leads me to conclude that this wave of fraudulent BIN offers is not primarily about fraud at all, but about showing off for the crowd, and about showing up eBay.
That, in turn, gives rise to some interesting speculation. Personally, I guess that the really unusual thing about these listings is not their sheer number, but the way in which they were manipulated. This is pure speculation on my part, but I suspect that he has found a way to insert information into active listings without hacking the accounts' passwords at all, bypassing the conventional login routine. If that were indeed the case, only a limited number of eBay employees would be able truly to appreciate his skill and that's probably exactly how this little megalomaniac likes it.


Our Discussion Board Thread Is Here And The Original Vladuz Article Is Here Also If You Have Not Seen It Yet, The Register Just Did A Conspiracy Theory Article About eBay! 

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