It's A Stormy Sunday Morning 04/15/2007, And The Scammers Are Busy Pillaging The eBay Community As Usual!

Since Seeing This Proactive Fraud Reduction Policy Announcement eBay Is Putting Into PlaceeBay sweeping fraud under the rug On The Core Site, I Have To Chuckle About It! What Is Funny Is, eBay Has Been Doing This On eBay Motors For Several Years, And It Didn't Stop The Scammers, This Website Is Living Proof Of That!

All The Scammers Do Is List An Innocent Listing, Let It Pass Through eBay's 8-14 Hour Search Delay, Then When It Is Searchable They Just Go In And Revise It Adding Their Scam Details! So Why Would Ole Chesnut's Think Using This Strategy On The Core Site Would Be Any Different?? The Scammers Will Still Revise There Scams After They Are Searchable, Just Like On eBay Motors!

It Just Looks Like More Of eBay's Media Hype That Does Little Or Nothing To Prevent Fraud, But At Least eBay's Stock Closed 04/13/2007 @ 34.78 Up 2.14%, So It Seems This New Policy Is At Least Working On Wall Street! But It Defiantly IS NOT STOPPING THE SCAMS!! See These Screen Captures I Took Today On The Core Site!

Meg WhitmanI Find It Laughable That The Foxes Are Attacking The Hen House, Killing The Hens And Eating The Eggs, And eBay Has A Lawyer Guarding The Hen House! I Guess eBay Figures Ole Rob Here Can Serve The Foxes With A Cease And Desist Warrant! Hehehehe..

Anyway, Sellers Pay For Either 3-5-7 Days, And 8.00 Extra To List For 10 Days! But With eBay Delaying These Listings For 8-14 Hours, Sellers are Getting Hosed, And Have Been Screaming Like Crazy Since This Policy Went Into Effect On eBay Motors, A Good 2 YEARS AGO!!

Ron ChesnutAnother Interesting Tidbit, If You Look At This Page Of Scams I Published On 04/14/2007, You Will See They Were Live Within At Least 2 Hours After Being Submitted, And One Auction By A 1 Feedback Seller, Was Visible Within 1 HOUR! But Normal Vehicle Sellers Have To Endure The Long Wait For Their Listings To Show Up! I Wonder How The Scammers Are Pulling That One Off???

Below Are Examples Of Listing Revisions Scammers Have Used Since 2005 On eBay Motors! Along With A 2007 BMW 335I Scam That Is Disguised Pretty Well, Except It's 24K BIN Price Gives It Away!

Updated 04/17/2007, Claims This Program Is Not Something New, Listings Have Been Enduring Long Delays On The Core Site For A YEAR NOW! See This Blog For Further Details! 

Also See This Revision, eBay Naked Women Sliding Right Past Rob Chesnut's Fraud Fighters In 1 Hour Un-Revised! This Sure Makes eBay's Security Force Look Like A Bunch Of Putz's! 

eBay Announcement About Rob Chesnut's Proactive Fraud Reduction Program

Fraudsters Revising Auctions After Lisating With Invalid VIN Numbers

Rob Chesnut Proactive Fraud Reduction

Rob Chesnut Proactive Fraud Reduction

Rob Chesnut Proactive Fraud Reduction

Rob Chesnut Proactive Fraud Reduction

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