This eBayer Has Been A Member Since 2002, And Has Good Thoughts On Just How Dangerous eBay Motors Is, For Both Buyers And Sellers!


Here Is A Link To The Thread On The eBay Motors Discussion Board.. I Wonder How Long The Thread Will Last, Before Being Pulled By eBay?? They Killed This One In A Couple Of Hours!


eBay Believes In Sweeping Everything Under The Rug! And They Paint An Illusion Of "Everything Is Wonderful" In Newby's Minds.. Using eBay Motors Is Like Navigating A Mine Field Without A Map!!


God Help The Naive Using eBay Motors.. A Friend Had This Old Rolls-Royce He Listed On eBayMotors, He Ran It 3 Times! And Got Whacked 3 Times In A Row By Deadbeat Bidders! Of Which 2 Were Nigerian Scammers, And The 3rd Was A Newby With Invalid Contact Info..


He Was Asking Me How To Get A Fee Refund.. Hahahahaha..




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