It's Getting Really Dangerous To Browse eBay Motors With Your Kids Looking Over Your Shoulder!

Browsing The Parts Car Category There Is A Thumbnail Image Of PORN! Uggggg.. How Disgusting! This Raises Serious Questions Of Data Security On eBay! And It Has Been A Regular Occurrence This Past Week! And The Report Item Link Is Broken! Figures!!

I'm Wondering Just What Is Going On?? I Just Reported The Apparent eBay Employee Account Hijack And Take Over On Where A Hacker Called "Vladuz" Allegedly Used Not One But TWO eBay Employee Accounts To Post On One Of Their Discussion Boards. There Is Talk Of Severe Fraudulent Listings Being Reported On Just About Every Discussion Board!

The Hacker Who Broke Into Posted This Image Showing eBay Employee's Names, User ID's, AND Passwords! And If They Can Get These, I'm Thinking They Can Get Anyone's! Which Helps Explain The Seemingly All Out Assault On eBay By Scammers!

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