There Is A lot Of Talk About eBay Employees (Pinks) Being Absent When Requested On The EBMDG.. 

eBay Members Are Getting Spammed With Fake Second Chance Offers! And Are Having To Navigate A MINE FIELD Of Scam Listings!  

Confused eBay Members Are Asking Advice On The EBMDG, But There Is Not A PINK In Sight.. Except To Pitch A New Enhancement That makes eBay More $$$!!

Pro Pack for eBay Motors non-vehicle listings
[email protected]  Feb-22-06 13:25 PST
We recently announced the availability of two new feature bundles Value and Pro Pack combinations - for Motors non-vehicle listings starting on 02/22/2006 at 00:00PT. While the Value Pack is currently available for use with Motors non-vehicles listings, the Pro Pack introduction has been delayed for a few days due to technical issues. We will keep you informed as to the status of the Pro Pack and thank you in advance for your patience. For additional information about the new feature bundles, please visit


signsup  (216 ) Feb-22-06 14:26 PST  
Why no mention of raising the final value fee from 2.75% to 3%?

The only time you pinks bother to stop by this board is to tout your company policy "enhancements".

Not interested.
corndog2  (1175 Feb-22-06 14:40 PST  
The fee increase was announced several weeks ago, and is across the board, not just a motors thing. Did you miss it Signs?
occupantiliedindustries  (64 Feb-22-06 19:46 PST  
I even got an email about the fee increase. But no mention of Pro Packs. Oh well, it's not like I'm about to list a bunch of $6600 Buy It Now Toyota Supras either.
midorimeadowsllc  (576 )    Feb-22-06 19:54 PST  
But but but why not occ. You know, everyone's buying them.
Yeah, I got the email about fee increase. Just what I needed. shopping cart shopping cart shopping cart.


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[email protected] Feb-24-06 15:17 PST 5 of 5
I wanted to let everyone know that the ProPack feature is now available for use within the Motors Parts and Accessories category. I sincerely appreciate your patience as we worked through this.

Best regards,
Mitch G.
eBay Motors Parts & Accessories

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