It's Sunday Afternoon, 06/17/2007, And Some eBay Things Never Change!

The Scammers Are Busy As Usual Pillaging The Naive!  This Scam Has All The Usual Scam Warnings All Over It, But eBay Members Continue To Bid On It, And The Scammer Is Cancelling Their Bids Telling To Bidders To Email Him!

The Below eBay Motors Discussion Board Thread Is Interesting! The Cars True Owner Said He Has Tried To Report It, But Is Getting The Run Around From eBay! Boy Don't This Sound Familiar!!

The Apparent Fact Is, Meg Has Nobody Minding The Store On Weekends!! Giving The Scammers A Free Run Of Her Marketplace!

Updated 06/17/2007 10:54PM EST, This Scam Is Still Going! Sometime After Midnight PST When eBay Staffers Come To Work It Will Eventually Get Pulled!

Updated 06/18/2007 07:15AM EST, I Am Waking Up Having My Morning Cup Of Coffee, And What Do You Know, It's Still There! This Is The First Time A Weekend Scam Car Has Not Been Pulled By eBay During The First Night Of Business! There Must Be A TON Of Scam Reports To Follow Up On!

Updated 06/18/2007 9:50PM EST, Dang!! It's Still Scamming!! Is eBay's Staff So Incompetent They Can't See This Is A Scam?? Duuuu.. I'll Take All Of Them In The World In This Condition For $5800.00!  The Way This Scam Scam Is Going, I Wouldn't Be Surprised If It Ends On Its Own!

Updated 06/19/2007 9:05AM EST, It's Still Running.. The Energizer Bunny Can't Keep Up With This Listing! How Many eBay MBA's Does It Take To Change That Burned Out Light Bulb??

Updated 06/19/2007 2:30PM EST, 6 Hours To Go.. Looks Like It Will Close On It's Own, And Then Be Available By Completed Item Search!

Updated 06/19/2007 9:35PM EST, eBay Finally Pulled This Scam Listing! Note The Below Screen Capture Does Not Display The Usual Invalid Item Warning Page, Just 0 Items Found For That Item Number.. But Does Display A Huge Banner Ad For, That eBay Is Getting Paid To Display!

eBay Used To Display A Warning That The Listing Had Been Removed From eBay Or Was Over 90 Days Old! But It Seems To Management, That Selling Banner Ads Is More Important Than Protecting The Community!

1932 Ford Hot Rod eBay Motors Scam 1

1932 Ford Hot Rod eBay Motors Scam 2

1932 Ford Hot Rod eBay Motors Scam 3

1932 Ford Hot Rod eBay Motors Scam 4

1932 Ford Hot Rod eBay Motors Scam 5

1932 Ford Hot Rod eBay Motors Scam Forum Discussion

1932 Ford Hot Rod eBay Motors Scam 6

1932 Ford Hot Rod eBay Motors Scam Bid History

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