It's Just Another Summer Morning, And The Scammers Continue To Pillage eBay!

Here Is A Perfect Example Of eBay Motors Sucker Bait! These Scammers Hope You Will Email Them Directly So They Can Send You A Fake eBay Protection Program Confirmation! Those Scammer Emails Look Real Authentic, And The Headers Are Falsified To Appear Like They Came From eBay, But They Did Not!! So Don't Fall For These Scams!!

Also Here Is A Look At The Up And Coming NEW eBay Motors! Want To Preview It?? First Go To eBay's Playground Page, Then Enter eBay Motors.

Updated 08/02/2007, This Scam Listing Is Still Up!!

This Is A Common Occurrence On eBay Motors! Scam Listings Like This One Often Run There Full Duration While The Scammer Cancels The Bids And Lures The Interested Bidders Offsite For The Kill!

BTW: Here Is The Legitimate Listing That Ended 03/21/2007 Unsold!

Updated 08/10/2007, A Victim Of This Scam Just Contacted Me.

Unfortunately, The Money Is Gone! These Scammers Are Pros At What They Do!

Catherine England, An eBay Spokesperson, Recently Said, "By the time something gets up there, we're usually so quick to get it and pull it down that it is really a moot point. We feel that it is not a huge concern or issue - it is miniscule."  

While This Article Deals With Redirect Scams Like This One, The Point Is, eBay Does Not Always Quickly Remove Listings Like This One! Each Cancelled Bid Below Is A Potential Scammed eBay Member!

eBay Should Be Held Accountable For Crimes Committed On Their Website! Unfortunately With Meg & Company Getting This Live TV Endorsement From President Bush, I Doubt They Ever Will Be Held Accountable, It's All About $$$$!!

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