This eBay Member Bought 5 BRAND NEW Jaguar Wheels. What He Received Was Not Even Close To NEW!

The Seller Lied His Ass Off! Plain And Simple! The Buyer Filed A Claim Under The eBay Motors Buyer Protection Plan, But His Claim Was Denied! New Is NEW! Well USED Is Just That!! Read The Thread Below As Discussed On The EBMDG

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Up for bid are 5 (that's right - a set plus one) chrome 5 lug Jaguar rims. You are getting 5 brand new rims and 4 caps. That means that even if you get a flat or hit a curb, you'll never have mismatched rims. Even your spare will be blinging. How many people can make that claim? These rims were bought for me by my wife as a birthday gift but I wrecked my Jaguar the day after my birthday. The tires have been removed to provide easier shipping and a lower price to you. They are a classic/classy design made for a true enthusiast. They may fit other cars such as Fords (some Jags and Fords share the same lug pattern). These were bought for an XJ6 but should fit other models Please check before bidding as ALL SALES ARE FINAL. These are being sold with NO RESERVE so Bid Early and Often because the highest bidder will walk (or should I say "roll") away with these. Feel free to email any questions. PayPal is appreciated but money orders are fine also. If in the Washington, DC metropolitan area, you can save on shipping and pick them up. Shipping will be a flat $95.00 which is less than a lot of sellers charge for a set of just 4 rims.

On Jun-29-05 at 04:43:39 PDT, seller added the following information:

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kanukanoe  (122 ) Oct-20-05 15:55 PDT
I recently bid on, and won, Chrome Wheels that were presented as BRAND NEW and NIB (NEW IN BOX). When I received the wheels, it was plain that they were worn, old, used; with brake dust & road dirt encrusted on the inboard side of each wheel. These wheels sold for more than twice the price of the exact type of wheels that were (fairly)presented as used on other auctions...The seller was an unyeilding fraud and ultimately ebay claims said the wheels "were not significantly different from the auction presentation"...CLAIM DENIED !! I am astonished!
What does one do when it is clear that you have been cheated?


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docsqualitycars  (205 ) Oct-20-05 16:09 PDT 1 of 17
If auction insurance agency paid every single claim of misrepresentation on EBM they would be bankrupt!

Oh well another nail in EBM's Coffin!

jr-41ford  (23 ) Oct-20-05 20:40 PDT 2 of 17
Sorry to hear that. I had a buying experience like yours recently, but it cost me a lot less and it's not even worth giving the SOB a neg to ruin his perfect feedback. Second time I've been screwed buying an item on eBay. One takes a chance when buying and if it's not as described, there's no help or recourse.


2005bellanti  (0 ) Oct-20-05 20:59 PDT 3 of 17
Dear "EXPORT PLUS" , In short what the heck was that crap you pulled on that closing bid. I bid on some custom wheels, was high bidder and watched the timer down to six seconds left and you mean to tell me they won the bid for $5.00 dollars with 6 seconds left. well to me it sounds like insider trading. what BS
Disappointed at e-bay Frank B.
mountain_motorsports  (1531 ) Oct-20-05 21:22 PDT 4 of 17
It's called a snipe....
salez4u  (147 ) Oct-21-05 06:47 PDT 5 of 17
What reason did Eby give for the Item NOT as Described claim to be denied? Did you ask Ebay to compare the auction photos and give them a photo of the actual item you received?

It sounds like there is much more to the story.

signsup  (191 ) Oct-21-05 07:17 PDT 6 of 17
Item number#?

Can't find it under completed auctions and since no feedback is left yet, not there.

Second chance offer? "Off" eBay?
kanukanoe  (122 ) Oct-21-05 07:29 PDT 7 of 17
Ebay simply said:"We have completed the investigation of this claim and found that the item does not differ significantly from the listing page description. Since eBay's Standard Purchase Protection Program only covers items not received or significantly different than the listing description, this claim has been denied. "

If I could post a picture of the wheels I would...

The seller said he would refund the purchase price of the returned wheels...Unfortunately, then, he would have the wheels and I would be out the freight of a couple of hundred dollars AND would have to rely on the integrity of a person whom I know to be a liar; I.E. that he would refund the purchase price...That was the only other factor.It was a lose/lose proposition for me!

The seller's ad? Here's an excerpt:..." Up for bid are 5 (that's right - a set plus one) chrome 5 lug Jaguar rims. You are getting 5 brand new rims and 4 caps..." He also used the term: "NIB"...and pictured only the front face of the wheels, which in the bright sunlight of the picture, looked NEW! His description was such that I didn't feel the need to ask any questions, What would I say? "HOW NEW ARE THEY?"
docsqualitycars  (205 ) Oct-21-05 07:34 PDT 8 of 17
Since you are involved in the transaction, It is OK to post the item number.. and email me a photo of the wheels you received, I will post it here. My email address is on my eBay ME Page..

northwestmetals  (48 ) Oct-21-05 12:17 PDT 9 of 17
How did you pay for them? Credit card can be charged back. Just because PP and eBay don't agree with you your credit card may.

I always buy with a credit card. I just bought something that turned out to be something other than what they said. Because it was on a cc I took pics, have the envelope with dc# and returned it with a dc#. If the seller doesn't make good on fixing the problem then I'll just file with PP for item not received and if they say I received it even though I returned it so I'm SOL then I'll file a cc chargeback.


Image hosted by

Go the distance!


kanukanoe  (122 ) Oct-21-05 17:15 PDT 10 of 17
Thank you for your offer Doc ! I sent you a BUNCH o' Stuff...
And- Sign's Up, There's no feedback because I refrained from giving the seller the lambasting he so richly deserved because I didn't want my record blemished by a fraud and a liar...The auction itself is rather dated because of the imposed waiting periods and response allowances...Auction #7983445393

docsqualitycars  (205 ) Oct-21-05 17:21 PDT 11 of 17
Thanks.. I got the photos..

Yea they do not look NEW IN BOX To Me Either!!!

Will post the photos in a few minutes..

eBay.. This Guy Got Shafted!! Rob Tom Or Ewan.. You care to comment on this??

docsqualitycars  (205 ) Oct-21-05 17:50 PDT 12 of 17
Don't Look Like NIB (New In Box) To Me!!

The Sellers Photograph!

Below Are The Photos Taken By The Buyer!

eBay.. What's The Deal With Your Buyer Protection Policy Denying This Members Claim??

Ewan Or Rob Tom.. You Care To Comment?? Simon???


rs69cam777  (258 ) Oct-21-05 19:12 PDT 13 of 17
Auction # ?

krazzykats  (2733 ) Oct-21-05 19:14 PDT 14 of 17

rs69cam777  (258 ) Oct-21-05 19:27 PDT 15 of 17
. The tires have been removed to provide easier shipping ?????????

How can they be both???? he says tires were ON them,

kanukanoe  (122 ) Oct-22-05 08:08 PDT 16 of 17
Say DOC you're the greatest...Many Thanks.
RS69CAM777: I have purchased tire & rim combinations (from tire rack) and they mounted the tires on the rims...So I thought that if tires had simply been mounted and then demounted (as he had stated), they were NOT USED (as he had stated)...I think that he had concocted that LIE to explain why there were wheel weights on the rims (if any one were able to spot them)...

jr-41ford  (23 ) Oct-22-05 08:10 PDT 17 of 17
The auction states, "You are getting 5 brand new rims and 4 caps." If those are brand new wheels, then I have a beach front property in Kanasas to sell.

The eBay representative that reviewed the complaint on this transaction must be a blind moron, needs new sunglasses and a white cane. Anyone can clearly see that the wheels are not "brand new", but rather quite used.

OP, I would neg the SOB seller for this transaction, his feedback shows that he too is a moron.

Think I will go cancel all my active bids, because this place is a big sham, it provides protection to the scammers, not the honest buyers or sellers.

Just my opinion.



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