The Scammers Have Hijacked This Sellers eBay Store And Listed 3 Collector Cars Right Under The Owners Nose!


What Hurts The Most Is A Lot Of Newbie's Have No Clue What A 1955 Corvette Is Worth, And Think $6400 Is A Fair Price For An "OLD CAR!"


They Come To eBay To Shop Thinking eBay Is Safe! Meanwhile The Site Credibility Continues To Sink Lower And Lower As eBay Continues To Sweep The Dirt Under The Rug!


The Redirect Scams Continue To Sweep Users Off eBay Onto Scammers Websites, Where Their Contact Info AND Who Knows What Else Is Siphoned Out Of eBay's Sloppy Programmed Servers!


So The Big Question Is, Did This Store Owner Fall For A Spoof Email?? Or Have the Scammers Extracted That Info Out Of eBay Insecure Servers??




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