I'm Wondering About This Quick Stock Acquisition And Same Day Sale??

eBay Director Scott D. Cook, And Officer Kazim E. Eskander, Both Exercised Their Stock Options And Promptly Sold Their Acquired Stocks The Same Day, Pocketing A Ton Of $$$!

These Two Transactions In A Single Day Raise My Suspicion That These Insiders Might Know Something The Outsiders Do Not!  If eBay Is Such A Good Investment, Why Would Both Of These Gents Promptly Dump Their Acquisitions As Fast As They Got Them?? See More Info On Firemeg's Blog!

Also While You Are Here, Please Read This Blog In It's Entirety About eBay TKO's And How eBay Is Screwing Sellers Over, And Are Actually Profiting From Fraud!

Meanwhile Here Are A Few Thursday Morning Scams!  

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