Some Scumbag Won This Auction Then Paid The Seller With BOGUS Western Union Money Orders!


This Just Plain SUCKS!! eBay Will Let Anyone Breathing Set Up An Account On Their Site With No Verification Of Who They Are!


There Is A Discussion Going On About This HERE But eBay Will Probably Pull It Soon!


It Is Such A Shame What A Scammer Infested GARBAGE DUMP This Once Great Site Has Became!!



Vehicle Description


1956 Cadillac Coupe

Style No: 56-6237DK

Body No: FW13781


Please Read 

If you think it won't happen to you, think again! This car was listed with a "buy it now" of $2750, item #250023935146 on August 29th. An individual using the ebay ID of "markymarky57" hit the buy it now option. On August 31st at 7:45pm, an individual representing himself as the buyer, using the name of Mark Wright, and his supposed brother, came to my home and picked this car up. These guys were two black males in their late twenties or early thirties, about 6' 2" average and similar build. They were driving a fairly late model Ford pickup which had a gash in the hood located in the drivers view. Looked asthough someone had hit the hood with an axe. They were pulling a yellow 18', wood floor trailer with a few of the boards raised up in the front. No winch. The trailer had current registration until 07, Texas plate. Neither one of them could back a trailer, I had to do it for them. I had also given them a complete engine from a 58 Cadillac which we loaded in the back of their truck, all the accessories were still bolted on. They gave me 2 Western Union money orders in the amount of $1375 each to pay for the car. The money orders are fraudulant (fake)! Even to a trained eye, these money orders appeared to be real. The car is gone.

This has been a $2750 lesson that I hope we can all learn from. I thought that the scams were only using cashiers checks, but I was wrong.


Please beware! If anyone has seen this car being trailered anywhere, please send me an email so we can help the local authorities do their job.

This is a major theft that could happen to you! The car was taken from my home in Van Alstyne, Texas. 50 miles north of downtown Dallas.

Thank you, Curtis

This listing has been up for 2 days and the response from fellow ebayers has been overwhelming! Thank you all for keeping an eye open and for the constructive suggestions.  New York, Chicago, Medesto, Pomona, Atlanta, New Orleans, Seattle, Denver, Bismark, Salt Lake City, etc.... Thank you all! We take our classic cars serious! Next time markymarky57, you should probably steal a new car. Classic car owners are a different breed.

On Sep-06-06 at 19:09:32 PDT, seller added the following information:

Two days left on this relisting and I would like to take this opportunity to thank this community one more time for the interest and concern shared about the loss of my car to a couple of criminals. Have I learned something....absolutely! However, I hope we can all learn something from what happened here. I will continue to find and list project cars for sale via ebay, it's my passion and those idiots can't take that away. I've heard from folks all around the globe, with some good constructive ideas. This is nobody's fault but my own, that this happened to me, so please let's build a stronger and more secure environment for us all to enjoy! Once again, thank each and every one of you that read this listing, thought about what happened, or emailed me with ideas.

Classic car lovers are a different breed. It's not the fact that I'm at a financial loss on this deal, I'll recover, it's the fact that these guys don't appreciate what they stole.

Thank you, and be careful, Curtis


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