Updated 09/25/2007, Vladuz Hacks eBay T&S Board Posting Users Personal Info!

Updated 09/28/2007, Vladuz Hacks [email protected] ME Page!

03/13/2007, In The Early Morning Hours Vladuz Once Again Hacked His Way Into eBay's Trust And Safety Discussion Board! 

This Is The 3rd Time That I Know Of! It Makes eBay Look Like A Bunch Of Bumbling Idiots, Who Can Not Stop One Rogue Romanian Hacker From Breaking Into Their Servers!

Meanwhile eBay Changed The Employee's User ID He Used To Post On Both eBay US And Germanys Boards! And NARU'd The User!

He Claims To Watch CNN On The 15th.. So I Guess We Will Await The Outcome Of This Hack!

Firemeg Has Good Coverage On His Blog

Updated 03/15/2007 The Hacking Continues See Screen Shots Here!

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