This Is A New eBay Motors Account, Undoubtedly Set Up With Someone's Stolen Credit Card Number! Scammers Troll To Steal Your Identity, And This Is The Result Of A Successful Day Of Physhing!


Since eBay Don't Bother To Verify New Accounts, The Scammers Are Having A Hay Day!! We Have Been Suggesting A Report Button On The Listing Page's For Over 2 YEARS Now! We Have Suggested Blocking Scammer Harboring ISP's From Accessing eBay! Nothing Is Being Done To Stop These Scammers! eBay Is Laughing All The Way To The Bank!!


The Sad Part Is, There Are SUCKERS That Actually Believe They Can Buy A Car Like This For $6400.00!!


Oh Well.. As We Say In The Car Business, There Is An ASS For Every Seat!!





This Looks Like The Real Owner That The Scammer Stole The Photos From!



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