Here Is A SCAM Website Set Up To Mimic Square Trade!

Someone Spent A Lot Of Time Professionally Setting This Fake Escrow Site Up!

A Poster On The eBay Motors Discussion Board Said It Was First Set Up Under But Was Shut Down! So The Scammers Just Used The .NET Version And Put It Up Again!

One eBay Member Has Already Admitted Being Taken By This Scam Site! eBay should be warning their members of fraud like this that is running rampart on their website.

Considering eBay was founded on trust and community values, I just do not understand the logic behind denying fraud like this exists. Meanwhile Meg Whitman and Pierre Omidyar are stuffing their pockets full of cash!

This Really Sucks!!

Secure Trade Auctions Scam Escrow Website - Don't Get Phished!

Updated 10/13/2005, This SCAM SITE Is Still Up And Scamming!! WTH Is Going On?? Don't Anybody Care?

eBay Actually SUSPENDED One Member For Posting The Sites Who Is Info On Their Discussion Board!

Question from krazzykats
re: Thread on EBM


I would have worked hard to get the site shut down, but am upset with eBay right now, for suspending my account after I posted the Motorcycle scams & the registration info about that secure trade auction site. I'm sure you noticed the posts pulled under this id. This is just my posting id. I'm finally just letting go of trying to help, like you say, nobody cares. Am sorry to read that a poster on the thread lost money to the site. I'll be back next Monday when my suspension is up, but a much quieter user. I can't post with either of my ids, or risk indefinite suspension. eBay sucks!...;)


chickenmonkey04  (21 ) Oct-12-05 14:07 PDT  

Can anyone PLEASE, PLEASE help me?????? I have foolishly fallen for this scam and now I don't know what to do!!!!:( I am sick inside because i am such an idiot.

I am in depserate need.


tylex434  (0 )

Oct-12-05 21:06 PDT


Yes, I did get taken. Very foolish. I purschased a car on e-bay three years ago and had no trouble and it was quick and easy. I just thought all sellers had to be registered or some such thing. I should have investigated further. I see Secure trade is back up and looks very real. Personally I will not buy another vehicle over the internet. Too many people are too good at being con artists. Even though I was foolish, foolish is not a crime but internet fraud is.
bigdvainfl  (0 ) Oct-14-05 17:17 PDT  

I came real close to loosing $5500.00 to this site.

The sting started with a car listed on Ebay. They told you to email the seller because his box on Ebay was full.

I emailed ([email protected]) AKA Ron Porter who had moved to Italy and started a business had could not register the car, a Toyota Prius, in Italy because of the different standards. The price for a quick sell was almost half of the NADA value.

He said he uses Secure Trade as a third party to hold the deposit until the car was delivered and I would contact Secure Trade to release the deposit. Of course Secure Trade sent me the information and their agent in Italy to send the deposit to. (Philip Galiani) Both the seller and Secure Trade tells you that WU may call you after you have made the transfer and to tell WU it is of personal nature and not business to avoid a duty on the money you are sending. After you make the WU transfer they instruct you to email the WU MTCN number to them so they can confirm the deposit has been made and the seller can start with shipping. They also want you to fax them a copy of the WU receipt (314-272-7472). This is a US phone number and maybe the phone company could do something about phone fraud.

Read More On The eBay Motors Discussion Board (Opens In New Browser Window)

Secure Trade Auctions Scam Escrow Website - Don't Get Phished!

Secure Trade Auctions Scam Escrow Website - Don't Get Phished!

Secure Trade Auctions Scam Escrow Website - Don't Get Phished!

WHOIS information for


Domain Name..........
  Creation Date........ 2005-10-07
  Registration Date.... 2005-10-07
  Expiry Date.......... 2006-10-07
  Organisation Name.... Teresa Kahn
  Organisation Address. P O Box 99800
  Organisation Address. 
  Organisation Address. EmeryVille
  Organisation Address. 94662
  Organisation Address. CA
  Organisation Address. US

Admin Name........... PrivateRegContact Admin
  Admin Address........ P O Box 99800
  Admin Address........ 
  Admin Address........ EmeryVille
  Admin Address........ 94662
  Admin Address........ CA
  Admin Address........ US
  Admin Email.......... [email protected]
  Admin Phone.......... +1.5105952002
  Admin Fax............ 

Tech Name............ PrivateRegContact TECH
  Tech Address......... P O Box 99800
  Tech Address......... 
  Tech Address......... EmeryVille
  Tech Address......... 94662
  Tech Address......... CA
  Tech Address......... US
  Tech Email........... [email protected]
  Tech Phone........... +1.5105952002
  Tech Fax............. 
  Name Server..........
  Name Server..........
Bogus Square Trade Look Alike Site Alert! SECURETRADE-AUCTION.COM
krazzykats  (2724 ) View Listings Oct-02-05 21:15 PDT
Do not deal with this site, its out of Athens Greece, has the "look and feel" of Square Trade & claims to be an eBay partner since 1999. They are not. This site was created on 09/23/05 by a guy in Greece. I was able to pull up the "whois" information from


I have reported it to Square Trade already.
10 replies Date posted Reply #
alanmaier  (2095 ) View Listings Oct-02-05 21:18 PDT 1 of 10
Thanks for reporting it! I received the same bogus e-mail, but was unsure where to alert SquareTrade at.
krazzykats  (2724 ) View Listings Oct-02-05 21:31 PDT 2 of 10
It took me a few minutes to find the report link on Square Trade. Something like "report a problem not listed" in their faqs area...:)
flindmc  (1 ) View Listings Oct-03-05 05:12 PDT 3 of 10
Andrew Stone
112 Panepistimiou Ave
Athens, Athens 10678

Registered through: (
Created on: 23-Sep-05
Expires on: 23-Sep-06
Last Updated on: 23-Sep-05

Administrative Contact:
Stone, Andrew [email protected]
112 Panepistimiou Ave
Athens, Athens 10678
Technical Contact:
Administrator, Domains [email protected]
Hagen Hosting
730 24th St. NW
Suite 14
Washington, District of Columbia 20037
United States

Domain servers in listed order:
fogger2183  (0 ) View Listings Oct-05-05 13:52 PDT 4 of 10
I'm glad i saw this posting! I had a guy calling himself Jeremy Girton from greece and almost bought a car through this "secure trade", but i dug deep and saw it looks like a scam!
krazzykats  (2724 ) View Listings Oct-05-05 15:37 PDT 5 of 10
I see the site has been taken down....:)
tlemrowjr  (1 ) View Listings Oct-07-05 11:25 PDT 6 of 10
The site appears to be back under I too was looking at buying a car through this site by a guy named Joshua Leonis. I have dug in and found that they say they are a trust-e member and are not. I called Trust-e and verify that they are not members and they are taking action on there end. The story gets better. When I first tried look them up on the net I could not find there site. So I contacted them and mysteriously the next day they had a site. So I had a friend of mine do a bit of research for me and found that the site was registered, created and expired on the next day. So please beware of this site as well. I could let you the rest but all the other threads have covered it. So I hope this helps.
tylex434  (0 ) View Listings | Report Oct-08-05 06:31 PDT 7 of 10
I foolishly have been taken by this securetrade-aution. Does anyone know the steps I can take?
docsqualitycars  (203 ) View Listings Oct-08-05 07:05 PDT 8 of 10
Gawd.. This thing Looks Real! Someone spent a lot of time Mimicking Square Trade!

tylex434  (0 ) View Listings Oct-08-05 07:07 PDT 9 of 10
I have started investigating and would appreciated any information anyone has out there regarding this bogus site. Any phone numbers I can contact?
running*with*scissors  (10 ) View Listings Oct-08-05 07:08 PDT 10 of 10
Wow! It does look real..

Smells like wagglepoop to me..
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