It's Monday Afternoon 03/19/2007, And The Scammers Are Busy Listing As Usual!

But Something Is Different About Today, eBay Has Changed The Web Form To Report A Scam Listing! Clicking On The "Report This Item" Link From Any Listing Page Now Requires You To Have Actually Bid And PAID For The Item Being Reported, In Order To Report It! (See Update Here)

As I Reported Back In February, eBay Had Disabled The Report Item Button On The Motors Site, It Has Been Said They Had 3 Employees To Handle Vehicle Complaints And Were Overwhelmed And Disabled The Report Feature!  And eBay Recently Removed The Marketplace Safety Tips From The Listing Pages!

There Is Quite A Buzz Going On Over This Situation On eBay's Trust And Safety Board, If They Pull The Thread, It Is Archived Here In Doc's Repository!

Doc Wonders If All The Hacked Vladuz Style Auctions, Plus These Scam Cars In eBay Motors, The Whore Redirect Pharming Scams, Pharming eBay About ME Pages, Etc, Etc, Is Overloading eBay's Messaging System With Reports Of All This Fraud?? eBay Must Be Overwhelmed Trying To Keep Up With All The Reporting! 

Or Have They Conveniently Made A Programming Error, And Are Trying To Get Caught Up With Previous Reporting, While At The Same Time Are Able To Say That Scam Reports Have Dropped Significantly? As Q1 Nears It's End, I Kind Of Wonder If They Are Manipulating The Numbers To Their Advantage?? Oh What It Would Be Like To Be A Fly On eBay's Board Room Wall!

It Appears That Vladuz And His Scamming Associates Are Winning The Shoot Out Against eBay's Big Guns! And It's Getting To The Point That Nobody Is Going To Feel Safe Trading On eBay, And Management Will Be Saying To Each Other.. What Happened?? We Are Only A Venue??  Common Sense Is Much More Important Than An MBA In This Situation!!

Updated 03/20/2007: It Is The Fraudulent Listings, You Suspect The Listing Is Fraudulent And Did Not Bid, Contact Us Link, That Is Incorrect: See This Page For A Better Explanation!

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