It's Thursday Night 03/08/2007 And The Scams Continue On eBay!

As I Reported Last Night eBay Has Removed The "Marketplace Safety Tip" From The Listing Pages!

Meanwhile eBay Is Denying This Hacker Activity, But Is Actively Searching For Vladuz In Romania, And In An Apparent Effort To Make The Community Feel Secure, eBay Has Removed The Warnings That Used To Advise Consumers Not To Do Off Site Transactions, Or Pay With Western Union!

And In This Article Meg Whitman Says "Web Scams Hurt Business", But She Didn't Mention Her Company Was Harboring It!

It Is Doc's Opinion That This Is The Calm Before The Monster Storm! Vladuz Is Most Likely Not Done With eBay Yet, And Will Be Back, Possibly Hacking PayPal And Draining Your Bank Accounts!

This Message Was Posted On eBay's Trust And Safety Board Last Night, These Hackers Sure Have Brass Ballz! And It Appears PayPal Is Their Next Target!

So With All This Hacking And Scamming Going On, eBay Decides To Change Their Page Footers (For The Whole Site, Not Just eBay Motors) And Conveniently Left The "Marketplace Safety Tips" Out!

Are They That Worried About Loosing Their Market Share That They Have Resorted To This??

Below Is The OLD Format.. Notice The Graphic To The Right!

And Below Is The New Footer, Minus The "Marketplace Safety Tip"!

Here Is's Fraud Warning! It Speaks Well For This Company's Concern About Internet Fraud, And Their Commitment To Their Shoppers Security!

Even Craigslist Has STRONG Fraud Warnings Too, And At The TOP Of The Page "In Red" To Catch Your Eye!

They Too Are Concerned About Fraud, And Even Include Examples Of Scam Emails, And Do Their Best To Warn Their Site Visitors!

But We All Know..


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