I Wonder What This Deal Is All About? 


rainhum  (32 ) Feb-26-06 19:47 PST
I won an auction on a car Wednesday evening for $118,000.00.
Within 5 minutes of auction close i sent the requested $1,000.00 deposit via paypal. I emailed the seller and asked how he wished to procceed, however i would fly to Nashville the following Tuesday to deliver the balance of funds and pick up the car. I also left my phone #. He calls and demands i pay within 48 hrs or i don't get the car??? he then mails back and says the car is no longer available?? I check paypal later and he has refused my deposit. during several calls to him he sounds like he's stoned?? This guy has several thousand "positives" and a dozen "negatives"
What are my options????? and do i leave neg. feedback and risk same?


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bobsclassicarz  (251 ) Feb-26-06 19:51 PST 1 of 4
Sounds like trouble, if he refused your paypal money, keep it and be thankful....And find another one from a new seller....last wek I had a guy call from Jersey offering a 69 Yenko with 7700 miles, would only take cash...$300,000!...said had tax problems....yeah right!
arkiehotrods  (673 ) Feb-26-06 20:03 PST 2 of 4
The seller's feedback is from sellers, not buyers. I'd be suspicious of a highjacked account. The listing started at $100K, yet in the listing, it says $20k was spent on restoration. That right there is a red flag to me. In the world of high-end restoration, $20k ain't gonna cut it.
northwestmetals  (53 ) Feb-27-06 08:08 PST 3 of 4
Hurry hurry, cancel that payment and thank God that you still have your money. I'm sure your disappointed but disappointed with your money is a lot better than disappointed without your money!


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Go the distance!

spindoll  (261 ) Feb-27-06 12:31 PST 4 of 4
The seller sure has a scarcity of words in his description. You'd think if he said it was 'done by the best' that he wouldn't keep it a secret on the auction as to who he thinks is the best.

Every seller I have ever known who owned a car like this wouldn't sell it with 50 words on ebay.;)



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