It's Late Summer In Paradise 2007, And The Scammers Are Busy Hustling Suckers Using An Open Hole In PayPal's Back Door!

Special Thanks To The Good Folks At (Translated Link). For Uncovering This Breach Of eBay Data Security!

My Associates Have Been Getting Calls And Emails From Supposedly eBay Second Chance Offer Winners, Only Problem Was, They Never Second Chanced Any Of Their Bidders!

Since eBay Supposedly Closed Their Drafty Back Door The Scammers Were Using I Was Wondering How They Were Doing It! Ahhhhhhh.. Using The PayPal API Supplies The Same Data As eBay.. Click The Screen Capture To Go Direct To Their Site.

This Data Security Breach Is Making The Rounds In Europe, But USA Coverage Is About Zip.. Wouldn't Want Any Of The Investors In USA To Loose $$.. Go Figure! :)

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