It's Late October 2007, And eBay Motors Scammers Are Getting DEADLY!!

Apparently All You Have To Do Is LOOK At An Infected eBay Page To Get Infected Yourself!

"Scammers Have Advanced To The Point Where They Are NOT Screaming BUY ME FOR $6400.00, Or Email Me To Be Approved, Etc! The Scams Now Are Well Hidden And Even Harder To Detect.. But They Are Still There!"

This Scam Works By Placing A Trojan On The Victims Computer Tricking Them Into Thinking They Won The Item On eBay, But In Fact They Are Seeing A Scammers Page Mimicking eBay's My eBay Items Won Page!

I Was Contacted By The Victim And Logged Into Her eBay Account And Didn't See The Jeep Listed In Her Won Items List, Which Was Really Strange Considering She Could See It!

Unfortunately The Victim Already Bank Wired The Money To A Person Suckered Into Doing A Work At Home Scam As A Money Mule!! That Person Withdrew 5 - 8650.00 Transfers In Cash, Kept Her Percentage, Then Western Union Transferred The Rest To Greece! The Victims Money Is Gone.. And eBay Will Do Nothing To Help!

Doc Thinks This Is Absolute eBay Bullshit! They Refuse To Secure Their Servers And Allow Scammers What Seems Like Exclusive Access To Scam Their Buyers, All While Hiding Behind Their Attorneys Claiming We Are Just A Venue! They Should Be Held Accountable For Being A Partner To These Scams!

One Thing Is For Sure.. If eBay Was My Site, I Would Be Waging All Out War On Scammers Stealing My Customers!! And I Wouldn't Be Surprised If Ma Meg Whitman, Along With Other High Level eBay Sewer Rats Abandon Ship Soon! Ma Sure Has Been Exercising Her Stock Options Like Crazy!! Meanwhile With All This Going On - Where Is The Sheriff??

I Screen Captured This 11 Page Thread From eBay's Trust And Safety Discussion Board Because eBay Has Been Known To Delete Threads Like It! The Discussion Is Very Good Reading About Computer Security And How The Trojan Works, And How To Remove It! There Are 11 Separate Captures In All, If You Are On Dial Up Please Be Patient While They Load!

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