Lookie Here, A $9,900,500.00 eBay Deadbeat Bidder!

I'm Wondering If The Bidders eBay Account Was Hijacked, And A Scammer Bid Just To Mess Up A High Profile Auction?? Either Way It Don't Make eBay's Crappy Reputation Any Better!

There Are Embedded Links To Each Original Page Shown Below, Just Click On Each Screen Capture To See The Original! But Don't Wait Too Long, I'm Sure eBay Will Sweep This Under The Rug As They Do Everything Else!

Here Is Another Blog About This Auction!

Updated 05/10/2007, In This Associated Press Article, eBay Spokesperson Catherine England Said "the company doesn't keep track of how many winning bidders renege" And Then Said "There are all sorts of reasons a transaction may fall through, and we have a claims process for both buyer and seller" Since eBay Refunds Final Value Fees, They Do Indeed Keep Records On Non Paying Bidders! 3 Unpaid Item Strikes And That Member Is NARU! So This eBay Comment Is Just More Lies And BS eBay Feeds The Press!

Personally I Still Think The Buyers Account Was Hijacked! No Seller In Their Right Mind Would Jeopardize Their Reputation Pulling A Stunt Like This!

Updated 05/10/2007 20:05, Just As I Thought, Someone Hijacked This eBay Members Account! The Account Holder Apparently Changed His eBay ID, And The Feedback He Left The Seller Tells It All!

So Much For eBay Security!

So Sloppy In Fact, Passwords Are Not Even CaSe SeNSiTivE!!

But What Do You Expect From A CEO That Is So Cheap, She Showed Up At A Top CEO's Convention In A Rented "Ford Taurus" Geeeezzz.. At Least Spend Ten Bucks More And Get A Crappallac Or A Lincoln!!

Where Is Your Money Invested??

Updated 05/12/2007, Hmmmm.. Not So.. According To This Updated CNN Money Article, eBay's Catherine England Claims There Is No Evidence Of The Winning Bidders Account Was Hijacked! Fischer Has No Intention On Paying, Since He Claims He Did Not Place The Bid!

It Is Doc's Personal Belief, That As Sleazy As eBay Is, They Would Lie About The Account Hijacking, And Throw The Account Holder Under The Bus In A New York Minute! eBay Would Never Admit Someone Hacked Such A High High Profile Auction! I Guess We Will Never Know What Really Happened!

Updated 05/20/07, John Schneider Has Put The General Lee Back On eBay This Time He Is Using A Pre-Approved Bidders Auction, With A 1 Million Dollar Starting Bid! The Listing Shows 100% Of The Proceeds Are To Go To Charity, But Further Down The Page There Is A Disclaimer That Says Only 5% Is Going To Charity! That Alone Is A Listing Violation, But I Doubt eBay Will Pull It!

Guess We Will Just Have To Sit Back And Watch, But I Did Screen Shoot It Just Incase It Vanishes!

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