It Looks Like An All Out Scammer Assault On eBay Motors Tonight!

This 2005 Subaru Impreza Is Ideal Scammer Bait! The Scammers Target The Young Adults Thinking They Are Naive, And Easy Prey!

This eBay Power Seller Is Obviously An Encyclopedia Britannica Seller Whose Account has Been Taken Over By Scammers!

I Use The Terminology "Taken Over" Because I Have Heard From Several Reliable Sources That These Scammers Have Been Able To Gain Direct Access To eBay's Private Intranet! This Allows Them To Pick Any Account And Insert Listings Into It Right Under The Owners Nose!

With This Direct Access They Can Look At An Account And See How Often A Seller Logs In To Check Their Listings, AND They Do Not Require The Account Password!! Read More About This Recent eBay Hacker Attack HERE

On Top Of All This, The Report Invalid Item Link On The Page Footer Is Still Broken! I Have Heard It Was Disabled By The eBay Motors Team Because They Were Swamped With Scam Listing Reports, And The Very Very Small Motors Staff Assigned To Investigate These Couldn't Handle Them All!

Oh Well.. That's The Good Ole eBay Fix! Just Pretend There Is No Problem And Collect Those Fees! They Look Good On Wall Street.. And After All, That's All That Matters! 

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